Topic: Firefox not displaying galleries correctly

Can someone help me find the problem in my code? I recently upgraded from 1.7 to 1.8 (pro) and everything works fine except when using Firefox on the Mac. I'm not sure about the PC version. It works well on Safari and IE/Mac.

The problem is that the SV gallery seems to be "squished" down to a smaller size and is being cut off by my header. I originally built the site with GoLive and I know there is some extra code in there. Short of rebuilding the pages from scratch, can someone figure out the Firefox problem?

My site is: and there are three galleries – sports, music, and portraits.


David Bergman

Re: Firefox not displaying galleries correctly


I'm afraid I can't tell you why this is happening, but I can tell you that it also looks squished and cut-off in Firefox for the PC as well. It does look fine in IE on the PC though.

Sorry I don't have any useful information for fixing the problem, but at least you know it's probably Firefox related.

Re: Firefox not displaying galleries correctly

I figured it out from a post on another thread. I had to change the size from 100% to actual pixel values.