Topic: i dont ReloadButton

Before I got right and left arrow to navigate through the gallery. But now when I have updated to pro version I got reload button instead of right and left arrow.
From TiltViewer Configuration Options I have also  changed usereloadbutton to flase but still I have getting reload button please help me with it.

fo.addVariable("useReloadButton", "false");

Regards & Thanks,
Shahzad Ahmed

Re: i dont ReloadButton

Your using an older version of TiltViewer that doesn't support the Next/Back arrows.

You can use your original download link (sent by email) to get the latest

If you cannot locate your original download link, please fill out this form
to receive a new link: … _form.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: i dont ReloadButton

Ok thank you for you help. I more question as we have an option on right click  " Go for full screen"

there is any possibility that i can have a button any where on my gallery which say Go full screen .... so users can press and enjoy.