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Topic: New Images Not Loading


What are the common causes to these images not loading?  I keep seeing X for my thumbnails and main image.

I don't believe I'm doing anything differently, than the images that are loading.  I keep having this problem every time I add to the gallery.

I've tried looking at it in multiple browsers on both mac & pc, plus emptying the cache.

The images that aren't loading are in the same folders as the ones that are

Re: New Images Not Loading


This problem is within the gallery.xml file. Look at the file that you have online and add the names of the new pictures that you added to your gallery. It should look like this,


Anytime you add new images you need to add the name into the gallery.xml file (as seen above). When you do that both the image and thumb nails will show. Hope that helps.

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Re: New Images Not Loading

That's exactly how I have it in the XML file, 1-4 images show.  5-6 don't.

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http://www.colorhigh.com/colorhigh/thum … _FRONT.JPG is not there. did you upload your new images?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: New Images Not Loading

Yes many times.  I don't ever have this problem with the non pro version.  I have another gallery that works just fine on the same server.

I'm using filezilla to upload my images.  I see them in the same folders as the other images you can see

Re: New Images Not Loading

the files show just fine if I go directly to their url

http://www.colorhigh.com/colorhigh/imag … _FRONT.jpg

http://www.colorhigh.com/colorhigh/thum … _FRONT.jpg

Re: New Images Not Loading

The issue is uppercase file names in your XML the file names are .JPG for the last two images, but should be .jpg

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: New Images Not Loading

Oh wow you are totally right, I can't believe I let that one slip past me.  Many thanks for everyone's responses.