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Topic: modifying options.as not changing simpleviewer.swf

I'm attempting to alter the Options.as of the source files and republish a new .swf, but whenever I go through this process, the swf appears unchanged.  From the user manual, this is what I've done:

To customize ActionScript Options:
   1. Open \source\com\airtightinteractive\apps\viewers\SimpleViewer\Options.as using a text editor (e.g. Notepad)
   2. Modify the values as required.
   3. Republish your SWF (See 2.5 Republishing SimpleViewer)
To republish SimpleViewer:
   1. Open \source\SimpleViewer.fla using Macromedia Flash 8 (or later).
   2. Do File->Publish to publish your updated swf. The new swf will be created as: \web\viewer.swf
   3. Replace the viewer.swf in your gallery folder with the new one, or run \web\index.html to test your new swf.

Then I replace the viewer.swf in the plugins>simpleviewer directory of my Wordpress install, and use it to create a new .xlm and thumbnails, but nothing has changed in the gallery that's created.  Did I put the viewer.swf in the wrong place? Does the SimpleViewer.fla read from the Options.as automatically?  If so, how could it be that my changes aren't making it into the new .swf?

Re: modifying options.as not changing simpleviewer.swf

Ah, user error.  Looks like I was putting the viewer.swf in the wrong place.