Topic: Captions

What i would like to do is have a gallery where you can add pictures and see the captions. But when is use buildgallery.php it overwrites the previous made captions. What to do? Can someone help me with this?
many thanks

Re: Captions

Buildgallery.php will create an XML file with no captions, so if you run it in the folder with your exisitng XML file, it will overwrite it.

You could try 3 things:
- keep a second copy of your existing XML file. Run buildgallery.php. Copy the new image tags from the newly generated XML doc into your existing doc.
- Use a different method to generate your galleries (e.g. porta, picasa)
- modify build gallery.php so it doesnt overwrite existing image tags (if you or someone else does this please let me know so I can update the file)

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.