Topic: Is Tiltviewer being developed still? Whats its future hold?

Hi Felix or Miker -
I cant find anywhere on your site that says what the future of Tiltviewer looks like?
I think it is the best of its kind and has much potential - and obviously many others agree.

I notice there are many feature requests, and some of them seem fairly easy to implement.
I could make a list of about 10 items on my own wish list easilly - such as setting the image for the reload buttons through the xml, being able to add more than one link on the flipside (even better allow hyperlinks in the description), in the multiple tilt interface I would like to be able to load a new gallery using the link on the flipside, I would love some ability to add a link on the fron side as well...

All these seem to me like at most a few hours work tweaking the fla file no?

So... is Tiltviewer Pro ver 2 on the cards or not?
And if it is then how about a forum post for features requests etc...?

Dan V

Re: Is Tiltviewer being developed still? Whats its future hold?


TiltViewer is still being developed. I can't give any specifics on when a new version will be out, but the features you mentioned will be considered for the next version.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Is Tiltviewer being developed still? Whats its future hold?

Im very glad to hear that Tiltviewer is still being developed.

I would like to add some more feature requests...

Would it be possible to allow the images to be swf files or even flv files? I guess thats a big one but it would take it to a new level!

Full screen in the multiviewer... is it possible now? If not please think about making it work.
(And see my other post about disabling the right click menu if full screen doesnt work.)

Being able to size the flip button and arrows would be good, although replacing the image using the xml would be better.

Dan V