Topic: Noobproblem with tiltviewer in webpage.


I tought I would mak a nice homepage with tiltviewer, so that the only content in my page is the tiltviewer and the first thing you see. I bought a domain name and made my photogalley using tiltviewers photoshop script. It looked nice when i viewed it from my computer (just opend index.html in the destination folder). So, I uploaded all the files created by tiltviewer (including the images folder) with FTP to my webhost. It didn´t work out. Apparently. So my question is, what did I do wrong?

(this is my first webpage I make, so im not really in to html coding and stuff...)

Greatful for replies.


Re: Noobproblem with tiltviewer in webpage.

this isn't specific enough to figure out what your problem is. please post a link to your site so someone can at least look at your code to help find out what the problem is.