Topic: Embedded gallery not working, help appreciated

I'm new to SimpleViewer Pro. I created a gallery in SVmanager, looks great when I view in SVManager. I embedded into my index.html page as per the instructions.

I have a fundamental question about organizing files/folders paths.

I've got:
and in that root folder on my server I have
--for these two I uploaded the entire folders which i unzipped.

In SVManager, i customized the path to be /svmanager/property/
But when I look in my local folder, there is no /svamanager/property folder. Does SVManager create it when I click update?

I should be able to see the test viewer.swf at this point since I have not republished with my file yet.  But, when I look at my page, I can't see it.  Here is a bittly link to the page (I don't want it to turn up in search engines).

So i'm thinking I have the folders/path set up wrong...but I'm not sure how to make it right.

When i create the gallery in svManager, for the path /svamanger/property why aren't I seeing those files in my local file structure? What creates the viewer.swf file to upload?

I can view the gallery fine here:

But I want to embed it here

Thank you in advance for your help...I'm behind on a deadline and need to get this figured out ASAP.

Re: Embedded gallery not working, help appreciated

I don't understand the first question about the missing property folder – if I follow your second link then I can see the property folder and the gallery inside it. Please come back on this one if I'm missing the point.

Moving on to your second question. The gallery index.html file normally lives inside the gallery folder and it's always a pain to have to move it out of the folder. This is because Flash paths are relative to the html file that calls the swf, so if you move the html file then you need to fix all the paths – that's the path to swfobject, the path to the gallery.xml file, the path to the images and the path to the thumbnails.

The very easiest way to get around this is to have a site home page without an embedded gallery but with a straightforward navigation link to the gallery instead. That way the gallery index file can stay inside the gallery folder and it can still be customized to have its own nav links and the same appearance as the rest of the site.

However, the technology shouldn't dictate the design and if I understand correctly, your design calls for a gallery embedded in the home page. So how to achieve that?

Rather than move the gallery index.html file and create path nightmares, I would create your home page inside the gallery folder and redirect to it from the site root (see this post for how to do a  301 redirect).


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Embedded gallery not working, help appreciated

Hi Jack,

Thanks for your detailed reply. I appreciate it very much.

On the first point, the weird thing is, i can see the /svmanager/property/ folder on the server, but it does not appear in my local folder structure which seems really strange. If it's not there, how would it be on the server of course. But really, it does not appear which is bizarre.

On the second point, yes you are right, the design calls for the slideshow to be on the home page. This must come up all the time then for Simpleviewer.  It seems to me that the sales materials say it's easy to embed it in an html page, but it doesn't sound easy at all if you have to redirect to make it work for the home page.

Can you tell me which files I need to change to not redirect, rather to do it the hard way and have it be embedded in the index page? I'm not a fan of the redirect. And it seems really a bummer that "can embed in an html page" is this complicated to do when you need it on the home page, which seems like a pretty normal need.

Would you be so kind as to tell me specifically which files I need to change to achieve what you described:
"This is because Flash paths are relative to the html file that calls the swf, so if you move the html file then you need to fix all the paths – that's the path to swfobject, the path to the gallery.xml file, the path to the images and the path to the thumbnails."

Thank you so very much.

Re: Embedded gallery not working, help appreciated

To clarify, I'm asking which files hold these paths I need to change? I don't think it's a matter of moving the gallery index file to the web root, because I want to use the index.html page I'm using now as my home page.  But I do see what you mean that the paths to the flash file and in turn to the other files have to point to the right place (which was my original rambling question, how to fix the paths). Thank you for distilling down my long question to that relevant issue...that's exactly it.

Where and how do you change the paths so that the slideshow can be embedded in my existing index.html page? 

Thanks so much for your time.

Re: Embedded gallery not working, help appreciated

OK, here goes.

I'm assuming that you are using a recent version of svManager like 1.5. There are some differences in older versions. The version number is on the Admin screen.

For the examples, I've assumed the following site structure:

      |--all the usual stuff inside a SimpleViewer gallery folder

There's more than one way to do it. This way, I leave the contents of the gallery folder intact and edit your index file in the web root so that the paths are correct.

SimpleViewer and svManager use relative paths by default but they also support urls like and also paths relative to the web root like /myfolder/
The first step is to change the setting for the style of path.

Step 1

Find the file svmanager/plugins/simpleviewer/settings.php and edit the following line:

define('SV_PATH_SCHEME', '');

Change this to the url or path to svManager. I think for your site this will be:

define('SV_PATH_SCHEME', '');

This will cause svManager to use the http:// paths from now on for all new galleries. But you already have a gallery and the paths in that will not change when you change this setting so Step 2 is a trick to update the paths in the existing gallery.

Step 2
Go to the the Customize screen in svManager and change the name of the gallery folder in the Path from web root. For instance, change it from




Press the 'Update' button. Then change it back again to its original name and update again! SvManager updates all the paths when you change the path from web root. Hit the 'View' button and check that everything is still working.

The next step is to edit the paths in your index.html file.

Step 3
There is a line in your head section that loads swfobject.js.

<script type="text/javascript" src="swfobject.js"></script>

Make sure this points to a copy of swfobject. Either copy swfobject.js from the gallery folder into the root or change the code so it points to the file in the gallery

<script type="text/javascript" src="svmanager/property/swfobject.js"></script>

Edit the path to viewer.swf and tell the viewer where to find gallery.xml file so you end up with something like:

<script type="text/javascript">
  var fo = new SWFObject("svmanager/property/viewer.swf", "viewer", "800", "600", "8", "#6C0000");
  fo.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "svmanager/property/gallery.xml");

That should do it.

I agree that it would be nice if it were simpler. As ever the trick is to make it simpler for people like you who want to do it this way without making it harder for everyone else – I'll work on it!


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Embedded gallery not working, help appreciated

Hi Jack,
Thanks so much for detailing the steps, I really appreciate it.  I have a tricky wrinkle to the question.  What if on another page in the root directory other than the index page, I want to have a different gallery.  So, on the index page is gallery1 and on anotherpage I want gallery2.  Do those steps still apply? Is it possible to do that?

Thanks :-)

Re: Embedded gallery not working, help appreciated

It's oh so close but the images don't appear...look, just x where the images should be, so what is that about, a path problem? How to fix please? So far, what you suggested was easy. Just missing the images now! :-)


Re: Embedded gallery not working, help appreciated

Got it! Just had to change the image and thumb path in gallery.xml and works fine now.

Thanks for all your help!

Really, if those simple instructions you gave me + what I just did were in the user manual, it would save people days of headaches who are in my shoes, and I have to imagine wanting the gallery on your index page is pretty common?  The changes you suggested were simple.

Thank you!

Re: Embedded gallery not working, help appreciated

However I still have two problems. If i need to post each as new post let me know.  Although I am so far behind deadline now I'd really like to resolve these two today:

1.  I want to turn on autoplay. In the file I have:
    static var enablePlayButton:Boolean = false; //Whether to show play button for autoplay mode.
    static var playAtStart:Boolean = true; //Whether to automatically start playing.
    static var displayTime:Number = 5; //Number of seconds each image will display in autoplay mode.   

but autoplay is not happening. Do I have something wrong?

2. It was letting me upload files, now it's not. I changed permissions, then it worked but then other sites on my server stopped working so the host company put it back for me. Can you tell me what the permissions need to be so I can pass that along to them? At this point from svmanager, it doesn't let me write/update anything on the server.

Thanks again!

Re: Embedded gallery not working, help appreciated

First, your 'wrinkle' question. I don't see any need to have the second index page inside the root – am I missing something? There will have to be some navigation on the home page that takes you to the second gallery. So leave the second gallery in the default location where svManager puts it and set up your navigation so the site visitors can get to it.

Sorry but I'm not sufficiently familiar with the SimpleViewer Pro actionscript settings to help with you autoplay problem. You could try a post in the SimpleViewer Pro forum.

On the topic of permissions in general, I can't think of much that I can add to what it says about permissions in the  user manual. You said it was working to start with – what did you change that stopped it working?


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.