Topic: Images not appearing in SVManager

I see only X where the images should be in svmanager. I did change some settings to be able to install the gallery on the index page. But does this mean that now the svmanager is rendered not usable?

The post is here about settings which were changed. … 229#p21229

It would sure be nice to still be able to use the svmanager though. I need to adjust padding, background color and want to move some images around.  Do i have to do this manually in the gallery.xml file?

Also, i want to make there be less padding at the top, i'd like to move it up closer to the top but haven't been able to.

Finally, is there an option to make the slideshow repeat? I've got autoplay on, but wondering if it can loop?


Re: Images not appearing in SVManager

Did you take a look at the example I put up of a gallery in the web root? This is working fine with svManager. Maybe you could compare this example with yours and see if there are any differences. You can view source on the page itself and look at the gallery.xml file. Please note that some browsers will show the source of the xml file when you follow the link, others will need a View Source.

You could also do a View Source on the svManager page that is giving the Xs instead of the images. By all means post an extract from the View Source showing the image links here if you want help to interpret it.

The other questions are more about SimpleViewer itself than svManager so I might not be the best person to help but I'll have a shot.

SimpleViewer Pro has an enableLooping setting. I've never tried it in conjunction with AutoPlay but I'd expect it to work.

You can set the gallery alignment in svManager or in the xml options. However this can still leave you with an alignment problem if you have a mix of landscape and portrait images since SimpleViewer will put a landscape image in the center of the available space. There are some posts about this issue in the SimpleViewer Pro forum but afaik the only answer there is to modify the actionscript code.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.