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Topic: gallery image quality fuzzy - simpleviewer


I am trying to display photos for a photography site and am using SimpleViewer. I have all of the main jpegs, pre-sized, non-progressive etc., and they are displaying in the gallery at 100%, they are not being downsized. The max width and height in the XML file is set properly. They are displaying a bit fuzzy in the SimpleViewer however and I'm truly at a loss how to fix this. Please help!

Here is a sample page:

Re: gallery image quality fuzzy - simpleviewer

Not sure if you have fixed this since, but the images look OK on my machine when compared to the actual JPGs. There is some color contrast lost since the images are not saved as sRGB. Check the FAQ, Q28: http://www.simpleviewer.net/simpleviewer/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: gallery image quality fuzzy - simpleviewer

Hi Felix,

This unfortunately has not been fixed.

I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say you are viewing the "actual" jpegs. I have a black & white photo of a Great Dane in a rotation of 4 here:
(You may have to hit refresh to view, but it's on the home page).
If you view that photo, and then view the same photo on http://patrickhadley.com/fur.php,
(It's first thumbnail, second row).

The jpeg on Fur page is saved as sRGB, non-progressive. It's sized at 100% for that page, so this is not a resizing issue either. It's not displaying as sharp as it should be, as you can tell by viewing between the 2 photos. I really don't care about varying color difference, but I need these photos to be sharp, and something is happening somewhere to cause a slight blurry effect.

Re: gallery image quality fuzzy - simpleviewer

Hey t_hadley,

I'm having the same problem and I'm wondering if you've found a solution for it.