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Topic: (Closed) not all thumbs showing in Embeded Viewer (8 of 30)

EDIT:  Found the Error.. XML had a stray > tag

Once a gain.. old human error...

Setting up an embeded  SimpleViewer page and I can only get 8 of my 30 images to show up. Not sure what setting I messed up to create this limitation. The goal is to have all 30 show up. I've triple checked that my xml tags are all closed, but can't seem to find a problem. This is also happening if I just view the regular (not embeded) index of the gallery.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I've uploaded it online to view.. Much thanks...

Directory view:
rambivilous (dot) com/Cowboy/

Embed View:
rambivilous (dot) com/Cowboy/Gallery.html