Topic: SimpleViewer and the Free Hosting sites


I love simple viewer and use it on my website:

I'm trying to do the same thing on a free godaddy website I'm helping put together, but the flash doesn't seem to be happening.  I think if I'm just doing something wrong it would at least show something, but there's nothing at all there. 

I've heard that the godaddy ad the pops up on the top of the free hosting pages screws with the scripts of Wordpress.  So I thought maybe it's screwing with my simpleviewer script too?

Anyone know if this may be the case?


Re: SimpleViewer and the Free Hosting sites

Got it! Sorry! 

I deleted the SWF file from the gallery.html page, then reinserted it.  There were a couple of dependent files that didn't get uploaded the first time.  All good.  I should have started from scratch instead of trying to use my first gallery as a template.