Topic: Jalbum Issue // ...system can't find index.htt

I am using Jalbum 8.5.1.
I have downloadet simpleviewerPro and put it in jalbum/skins/... as    simpleviewer_pro  (default)
The skin is shown in jalbum - all configuration can be done, but then after clicking
Make Jablum -
I have a error message on screen.
(my computer has a german setup, and even after changing jalbum to english - the errormessages are still in german,
so i just translate what I read - the original english error message could be different...)

C:/programs/jalbum/skins/simpleviewer_pro/index.htt -  The system can't find the given file

Whats wrong with my setup?
Any idea?

Would be great to have feedback


Re: Jalbum Issue // ...system can't find index.htt

You'll have to download and install the SimpleViewer skin from the Jalbum skins section. (It's unclear as to whether or not you have already done this).
Then, to use the SimpleViewer Pro viewer, you'll need to place your 'viewer.swf' file into the
'.../skins/SimpleViewer/folder/simpleviewer' folder.  (Within Jalbum, select the 'SimpleViewer' skin and choose 'Tools -> Open Directories -> Skin Directory' (Ctrl + Alt + S) to go directly to the '.../skins/SimpleViewer' folder, leaving you to navigate further into 'folder/simpleviewer'.)
Alternatively, once you have created an album, you can place your 'viewer.swf' file into the
'[Output Directory]/res/simpleviewer' folder.
As this is more a Jalbum issue than a SimpleViewer issue, feel free to post over at the Jalbum/SimpleViewer forum and I'll help you out further if required.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team