Topic: embedding multiple galleries into website

hi again,

i'm trying to embed multiple galleries into a website i created in iWeb '09: i was not able to do it by following the instructions in the response to my previous post:

so i decided to abandon iWeb and embed the code into the .html pages per the instructions in the faq, however, that didn't work either.  i also tried to follow the instructions in this post but that didn't work and confused me even more.

please help!


Re: embedding multiple galleries into website


If you are wanting them on the same page, which i have seen done, then my solution will not work for you.

However I have an art website and have managed to get lots of galleries but I have done it all using subdirectories. So each subdirectory has the html page. along with the viewer files and then an image and a thumbs subdirectory.

If you want to have a look at my layout its at and if you want to find out the files I have in any one directory just type dir after the directory name.

However my current problem is they dont show up in Firefox !  So you maybe better wait until I solve that !

Re: embedding multiple galleries into website

update:  i figured it out.  i had to change the path name for the .css sheets so that i could keep my styles when i copied the gallery. htm page into the folder with all the SV files.