Topic: Simple viewer crashing Internet Explorer

I have simple viewer installed and working on a site, no problem in any other browsers (of course) but it’s crashing Internet Explorer (IE8 running on TinyXP in Paralells. It seems to crash when loading photos. Any idea if I could prevent this on my end?

Re: Simple viewer crashing Internet Explorer

Do you have a URL I can look at?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Simple viewer crashing Internet Explorer


I seem to have stopped it from crashing by allocating more memory to the machine, but now the problem I have is that (in Explorer), when I click on an image it reloads the page and/or tells tells that it was "unable to return me" to the site. Any ideas what might cause that?

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Re: Simple viewer crashing Internet Explorer

I'd feed SimpleViewer smaller images...
You are currently using images 2848x2136 for both the thumbnails and the main images.
I'd make dedicated 65x65 thumbnails (approx 3KB rather than 1.4MB) and feed them to SV in a 'thumbs' folder.
I'd also rescale the originals for the main images, too (1280x960 should be plenty big enough for most displays).
With smaller images (in both pixel size and bytes) both SV and your browser will be happier.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team