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Topic: is there a way to do a timed reload

Wow great plugin!

I'm using TiltViewer with nextgen galley and wordpress for a website of a local Art Center. I'm trying get the TiltViewer to automatically cycle through the images every 15-20 seconds, I didn't find any options pertaining to this ability in the regular or pro versions. I would imagine I could use some sort of JS script to push the "reload" button every x seconds but I'm not sure how to do it... and realize it could cause problems if user is zoomed in.

If there is no way to get the plugin to do this kind of thing... do you think its possible to have a script that can somehow only automatically hit the reload button if the plugin is zoomed out... or something... In an ideal world the plugin would be programed to continuously swap out the images one at a time as the user explores the gird... but something more hacky could work.

I really appreciate any advice,