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Putting SWFs into Autoviewer works great. Taking FLV movies and embedding them into an SWF also works – you can have full-motion video in the frames. However, this makes for fairly LARGE SWFs. What doesn't seem to work at all is having an SWF with a linked FLV file.

I've created an SWF with preloader, which loads and plays a FLV video. Works great in browser, and also in other HTML pages, but loading into Autoviewer, all you get is a blank frame. There's not even the preloader or opening image in the SWF - just blank.

Anyone else experiment with this? Any good results? Thanks!

Re: FLV Issues

having the same problem!

what gives?

Re: FLV Issues

Anyone with insight into this?

Re: FLV Issues

Me too I want to use flv but nothing appear in simpleviewer :/

Re: FLV Issues

It's hard to give an answer to this without seeing the code you are using to load in the FLV. Loading FLVs is not supported by AutoViewer, but I can give some suggestions to try:

1) Using ServiceCapture or similar, check to see if your loaded SWF is loading in the correct FLV URL. If you are using a relative URL, it should be relative to the location of the HTML page that is houising AutoViewer.

2) Check that your SWF is published with the same ActionScript and Flash Player version as autoviewer.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: FLV Issues

for me it is not even showing the first frame. I created just a static page in flash, exported it as a movie , changed from swf to jpg and pretty much it is stuck now on the picture prior to the flash/jpg hack.

hmm.. I would really love to be able to show movies as well as pictures on it. no need for controls such as stop/play/forward/pause.. just the ability to show video.

help anyone ?