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I've been using SimpleViewer for several years, and have just upgraded to SimpleViewer Pro. I am a neophyte HTML and CSS user, and I know nothing about Javascript or Flash. I tend to cobble things together by using bits and pieces that seem to work. I apologize in advance for any silly mistakes I may be making.

Here's my problem: I want to make a website that looks something like this, which can scale from 800x600 to 1920x1200 or larger:

No matter how I try to contain the SimpleViewer flash object, it seems to want to take up 100% of the window, rather than 100% of the container into which I put it, and thus the website becomes larger than the window, and scroll bars appear, which I don't like:

I'd achieved partial success by fixing the height, but I don't like that either:

So I guess my question is: how do I correctly define the size and position of the viewer object, while maintaining the ability to scale?

I hope someone here can help!

Thanks in advance,

Re: SimpleViewer Object Sizing Question

So, I'm a bit surprised at the total silence in response to my question.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I've continued to muck around with it on my own and have not been able to come up with a satisfactory solution.  I've checked the FAQ, searched the forums, and searched on the internet in general.

Thanks to anyone who has any kind of answer.

Re: SimpleViewer Object Sizing Question

In Safari it looks totally fine (nice site design too),
there's a vertical scrollbar on but on a 20" screen you can see the entire SV area without any scroll during viewing.
I went trough you directory and found
which seems just great !

I can't see any scroll/positioning problem, is your problem solved ?

Re: SimpleViewer Object Sizing Question

Hey thanks Antoine, sorry for my looooong delay. I kind of forgot about this post. As you note, I did manage to fix the problem, but I can't remember what was the fix! In any case, I've kind of moved toward a more fixed scale design, because all the scaling was nice for images but terrible for layout.

Oh well. Thanks for getting back to me though!