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Topic: Image specific link

I'm currently a 1.9 Pro customer evaluating 2.0 - so appologies if this is covered elswhere.

This is more of a suggestion, although please let me know if it is possible by other means.

The one issue I have SimpleViewer (1.9) is the inability to link direct to a specific image in a gallery, rather than the 1st in the gallery.
Looking at 2.0 API it seems almost possible.
-You/I could code in a URL into the feed LinkURL value. e.g. Gallery.aspx?GalID=123&ImageID=456
-Code this to a specific image name or index (456 here).
-Then on the server side - read this value and pass it to the front end
-On the front end use Javascript and your API to jump to the specific image

The issue currently is that this will appear with the button "Open in New window"
It would be good to be able to customise the text of this button.
I'm not a Flash developer nor have Dreamweaver so having it as a standat option would be great.
I could probably offer a link somewhere else on the page, but right click is more familiar to people and would be neater on the page.

AND/OR additionally - offer a "Copy Link" button version - which copies the URL to the clipboard.

To explain my thinking - it's so that people can share specific photos of themselves, from a gallery on social netwrk sites such as Facebook.
I already draw the gallery tumbnails on the page before drawing simpleviewer in place of them via swfobject.embedSWF, so there is something for such automated sites to see, not just flash.


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Just found "langOpenImage"


Clipboard idea still a good suggestion I think  ;)

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To load a gallery at a specific image, use the 'firstImageIndex' config option . You can use PHP or similar to grab the index from the query string and write it to the javascript embed tag.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Ah yes, that would be simpler than pushing it in via Javascript + the API.