Topic: Name of Flickr Set

I think I'm correct in saying that there currently is no option to
get the name of the Set that is identified by a number (Flickr
Set Id).  Would it be possible (of course it is -- I guess I mean
desirable/feasible without too much effort) to include an option
to have the Set Name on the page when the Flickr set id is
specified?  Similar to the "Flickr Show Page Link" perhaps.

Re: Name of Flickr Set


this feature is not supported. The workaround would be to add the set name in the Flickr Title or description.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Name of Flickr Set

what's the option for set id then in sv builder?

i've been trying to work around with tags, but he randomly omits some...

and i don't understand your suggestion, felix, sorry. if i add the set name into the title, then how is the gallery going to grab this info again?

title font color is also very stubborn. which one is stronger? caption or flickr? i currently display 2 colors, but having set both options (caption and flickr) to the same value. hmpf...