Topic: Using Tilt or SimpleViewer for a search engine?


When I first came across the SV suite, I immediately thought, how cool would it be if I could use them to power a Flickr search engine?

And so I had a play and came up with:

Question though, is it wrong to use the SV products in this way?  SV and/or Flickr could have some small print that says my site cannot do what it is doing?



Re: Using Tilt or SimpleViewer for a search engine?

The is a neat idea thanks for sharing. To answer your question the terms of use does not preclude its use as search engine.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: Using Tilt or SimpleViewer for a search engine?

The problem, horatioh, is that you support neither searching for phrases nor using quotes. I suggest you combine the two. It's especially a problem as this product uses OR technique for Flickr tags.

For example, searching for:
hillary clinton
would return Bill Clinton images as well (or any other Clinton in the world).

I suggest that if quotes are used (currently you unsupport it), e.g.
"hillary clinton"
Let the PHP turn it to hillary clinton instead of hillary,clinton
And if the search is for:
"hillary clinton" bill
Let the php translate it to hillary clinton, bill

Hopefully in the future this product would support negative tags (e.g. -bill) but that's not up to you.

Re: Using Tilt or SimpleViewer for a search engine?

Thanks for the info bugmenot, very helpful.

Firstly, this is just a play toy more than anything, I liked the SV software and I love Flickr so combining the two was a natural way to make me smile :)

Second, not sure about SimpleViewer, but TiltViewer allows a choice of "ANY" tags or "ALL" tags, so the Clinton search described should work, providing the images have been tagged with both "hillary" and "clinton"... but point taken, it is a long way from perfect!

You're right that I could allow quotes in the search string and process the query to allow for a better search and I will look to do that the next time I have a spare 5 mins!

Regarding negative quotes, it would be good if Simple and Tiltviewer allowed you to process more of the Flickr API commands.  This page - … tions.html - says for more Flickr commands, follow a link to the Flickr API command list - so perhaps I can?