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Topic: Display bug, viewer stays stuck & accents problem (solved)


I have created  multiple galleries and the code works fine, except i have a display bug on some galleries: after the 7th of 8th picture (depends on the gallery), the pictures won't scroll horizontally. It seems the photo has loaded, but it doesn't scroll to it, the viewer stays stuck on the same photo.
Did one of you ever get this bug? What could go wrong?
Thank you

Re: Display bug, viewer stays stuck & accents problem (solved)

Hello again,

I tried to fix different things for 3 days and couldn't understand why i had this bug on some galleries and not on others... It even didn't display french accents correctly even if i tried what the FAQ says.
Today i added more photos to test, i changed the description(caption), and understood the problem was the accents & encoding.

So if like me you use non english caracters (french with accents in my case, such as "é", "à", "ç", etc), be sure that your xml file starts with:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> AND (very important) that your notepad/wordpad/text editor correctly encodes the file in UTF-8.
I use PSPad and by default it has "ANSI" encoding. Now that i have chosen "UTF-8" in the software, everything works fine, even the accents! (I don't even have to use the CDATA to encode french accents).

This is a great viewer (once it works) ;)