Topic: Gallery Links


I had a version of SimpleViewer added to my Shoppe Pro account, so I can have a gallery of my work on my website. (I'm a cake decorator)

I am in the process of having a graphics template installed, and the designer needs links for certain things to apply to the graphics.

The design has a row of photos across the bottom of the page, that link to different pages.

The plan, is to have each link to a different part of my gallery. One for wedding cakes, one for special occasion cakes, one for cupcakes, and so on.

The problem, is that when I am on my site, and go to the gallery and click on the different galleries I have created, the link in the address bar is all the same, no matter what section I am in.

Is there a way to change this? So that I can have links directly to the section? Or am I stuck with only one main gallery link?



Re: Gallery Links


sounds like you need to contact Shoppe Pro support.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.