Topic: Whopper of a problem

Hi All!

I've installed Svmanager, but I'm running into a whopper of a problem.

Every time I go to create a new gallery, I receive the following message:

Notice: file copy incomplete 1 out of 4 copied

If I move forward anyway, and upload photos, etc., I am then unable to view the gallery and get a 403 error because the flash isn't created.

I've deleted and re-installed several times, contacted my host to see if they have any advice (they don't, sigh.) I just don't know what I'm doing wrong.


The install is here:

Kelli :(

Re: Whopper of a problem

Never mind, gang.

Found the problem :)  My Svmanager was missing a couple files!

Thanks anyway!


Re: Whopper of a problem

Phew! Saw the title of your post and thought about brewing some strong black coffee. I love it when people solve their own problems :)


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.