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Topic: Pro quality issue

I'm building a simple site for a client, and have noticed when using the pro files he emailed me, the images are displaying slightly pixelated and unsharp, however when i export with lightroom, the images are crisp.

any idea why?

example image is below


option.as code:

    //image options
    static var enableImageDownScaling:Boolean = true; //Sets whether images are resized smaller to fit stage
    static var enableImageUpScaling:Boolean = false; //Sets whether images are resized larger to fit stage    
    static var fadeBrightness:Number = -255; //Brightness applied to non-current image (-255 = black, 255 = white)

Re: Pro quality issue

i saw the version i was given was 1.3 and lightroom is exporting 1.4, so i'm guessing the updates in 1.4 fixed the problem from 1.3?