Topic: Postcardviewer and Flex

Hi guys,

I am trying to add multiple galleries to a flex application. I am able to embed the code ok, and the first page comes up fine, the photos spread out correctly to the full page.

However when i try to switch the xmlURL to change the gallery it just says "Gallery XML not found".

If I then change back to the original xml file I get the pile of pictures from that album displayed, although they never spread out, and overlaid on them is the "Gallery not found message".

In my code, I have a function which is called on load (which works) and then the same function is called on button press and it is at this point that it breaks.

The swf is added to a vbox using the following code:

    myString = "viewer.swf?xmlURL=1_" + myCount + ".xml";
    swfAreaNew.width = 600;    //remember to set these properties
    swfAreaNew.height = 600; = "loader2";
    swfAreaNew.x = 20;        //be careful that x,y are in the visible area of the parent!
    swfAreaNew.y = 10;
    swfAreaNew.source = (myString);

Any ideas what is going wrong in the viewer?