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Topic: Still need help please (resolved)

Older posts seem to be ignored, so I started a new one to hopefully get some help.  I'm ready to put this website up, except the galleries are not working.


Switch wrote:

When I open the galleryhome index.html with Firefox it works perfectly.

miker wrote:

If it works in a browser then I wouldn't worry about it.

Switch wrote:

When I upload it to my server I get the X's too.

I have a temp up here: http://www.sabrinawattsphotography.com/galleries.htm

What would cause the gallery.xml file to not find my images when it goes through my html page, but when it goes through autoviewer's html page, it works fine?

Re: Still need help please (resolved)

http://www.sabrinawattsphotography.com/ … lleryhome/ works but you're linking it from the root (i.e. http://www.sabrinawattsphotography.com/ instead of http://www.sabrinawattsphotography.com/ … leryhome/) so it can't find the exact location.

works. my guess is it's a permission issue. lazy work around: move http://www.sabrinawattsphotography.com/galleries.htm to http://www.sabrinawattsphotography.com/ … leries.htm

Re: Still need help please (resolved)

All of your files are in wedgalleries/galleryhome/ so open your gallery.xml in a text editor and do a find and replace.

Find: images/

Replace: wedgalleries/galleryhome/images/

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Still need help please (resolved)

Thank you both for your help.  It is working now.  I thought I had tried changing the image path in the gallery.xml, but apparently I had not gotten it right.

Many, many thanks!

Re: Still need help please (resolved)

Okay that gallery is still working, but now none of my other ones are.  Here is my temp file again: http://www.sabrinawattsphotography.com/thecouple.html

I made the changes to the gallery.xml to this one that I made to the wedhome one, but it still isn't finding the images. It looks like this in the gallery.xml file:


I'm sorry I'm taking so much of your time!  Thanks for your help again.

Re: Still need help please (resolved)

I'm actually struggling with this now too. My index.html file in the gallery folder doesn't work either. The gallery.xml file points to the images in my gallery folder correctly but I'm just getting the arrows when I preview it in my browser. No images. What's up with that?

Re: Still need help please (resolved)

I don't know why, but re-making all of my galleries through picasa and then re-making the changes to the gallery.xml file fixed it.  It's working now on all of my pages.