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Ive just finished putting it in my site, it runs perfectly in IE, but no images are shown in FF, it loads properly, but the images dont pop up, what am I missing??


Re: no images in firefox

just a thought, my site … 0Fame.html

whats strange (to me anyway) if I view it straight from my PC, it works properly, but after upload, it will only work in IE.

I presume i must be missing somthing in the code somwhere, just cant see it.


Re: no images in firefox

I have the same exact problem.  Works fine locally in Firefox, won't work from server in FF.  Does work from the server in IE.  With FF from server, I see the gradient rectangle, the TiltViewer link, and get the sounds, so it seems like the script is all good.  But no images.

Site is



Re: no images in firefox

Grrr...   Just burned 4 hours with no real answer.  I was carefully debugging, and not getting anywhere.  Then I used Bugzilla to trace through to the gallery path, then to the image paths.  It all checked out fine - I could see the xml code, then the image.  And then all of a sudden when I went back to the html page with the embedded script, it all worked!  What the ????  I had been careful to reload many times, and was even shutting down FF (and IE) between tests, as I found that IE wouldn't update the gallery.xml while it was still open.

So no answer, but now it works.