Topic: create gallery & add to Wordpress page?

I was using the plugin for Wordpress, but found it to be too limiting. So, I purchased the pro version. However, now I'm totally confused as to what I need to do to add a gallery to Wordpress. I do understand I can no longer use the plugin, which is fine.

I would like to use the svBuilder. I have copied the "web" folder & renamed it "drawings". Do I then remove the tall.jpg & wide.jpg files from the images & thumbs folder? Do I have to create my own thumbnails? Do I have to rewrite the xml file?

I guess I just don't know where to begin. I thought I'd just be able to drop my images into the folder I created, use the svBuilder & upload files to Wordpress. Then I thought I should be able to add media files to a Wp page...

Anyway, I'm totally lost. I found a reference to SimpleViewer by looking at the code of a Wordpress site that I liked. So, this is what I hope to do (with different background colors, padding, etc.): … ion-shots/

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did look through the forum & the set up guide, but I didn't find it very helpful. I guess I didn't get beyond create a gallery (of images).  :rolleyes:  I know XHTML, CSS, and some XML & PHP. Guess I'm just a newbie to SimpleViewer & Wordpress (to a degree).

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Re: create gallery & add to Wordpress page?


the work-flow for adding a SimpleViewer-Pro gallery to a WordPress blog is this:

1) Create your Pro gallery using any of these methods.

2) Customize your Pro gallery with svBuilder.

3) Embed your gallery in a WordPress post.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: create gallery & add to Wordpress page?

thanks, have learned a lot, but have yet to get my gallery working.
i submitted a new post (xml file not found). appreciate the links.

Re: create gallery & add to Wordpress page?

will this work for a wordpress Page; I am creating a corp web site with wordpress. We have 5 designer portfolios we need to display on five different pages.