Topic: Suggestion for Tiltviewer

Not sure if this is the best place for this :)

Would it be possible in a future version to have header and footer text on the flash window. e.g. so I could enter my name at the top with some basic contact details at the bottom, email link etc :) maybe not just Tiltviewer also the other apps too.

That would mean I have no need for anything else! and Tiltviewer would be all I ever need for my website, as I'm not too hot with html etc :)

here is my site so far:

Re: Suggestion for Tiltviewer

Check out this example for adding a header and footer, just swap out the SimpleViewer code for your TiltViewer code.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Suggestion for Tiltviewer

Many Thanks for the prompt reply :)

I did think of that, but I quite like the circular gradient filling the screen and stretching to different screen sizes, using that method I think I'd have to ditch the gradient.

Maybe there is a way to create a similar 'scalable' background and run tiltviewer transparent? again I'm very new to html and website creation :)