Topic: DSimple Viewer x2 index black message. Get Flash

All pages are in the same folder under my web site in Dreamweaver. When I open the index file it is balck with the following message - SimpleViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. Get Flash..

I have the latest version of flash. When I test in with IE it works fine. I have uploaded it to the server and it works great. I used and unedited foldet of images just to test it in IE and Opera and they both work on-line.

I want to embed it to a separate page and thought I should solve this problem before I continue.

  Can be seen at

Thanks for your help

Teddy P

Re: DSimple Viewer x2 index black message. Get Flash

The gallery seems to be functioning for me other then the images not loading and the code looks right. Looking at the gallery.xml your images should be at When going to the images for example I get a 403 forbidden/404 not found error.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.