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Hi All -
   So - i'm trying to use simpleviewer to load a gallery of .swfs  I've built the thumbnails, they load no problem. I'd like the actionscript to execute in the swfs.
When i click correspinding button, no problem - and by setting preloadimages = false, each button also successfully loads corresponding swf and code executes.

However if i move back to an image (i.e. if i click one button, then click a different one, then click back on the 1st button) the code will no execute a second time. This is the problem.
I imagine once each 'image' is loaded, it you hide it on the stage instead of unloading it? 

so, is there an easy way to have the images reloaded each time?
If not, any chance of getting pointed in the right direction in the .flas or .as files?

much thanks.

Re: SimpleViewer Button behavior

  here's what i'm thinking. I wouldn't have to reload each swf every time if i could find out how to send a command to my loaded .swfs.
for example - when a button/thumb is pressed, simple action is sent to gotoAndPlay() the second frame of my loaded swf (where I'd have my custom code).
I think i would put this gotoandplay command in the showimage() function    (not sure though).

on top of that,
I'm having trouble finding the path to these dynamically loaded images.
is it
basically, what is the path to loaded image?  ??

Re: SimpleViewer Button behavior

okay, some progress.

trace( this._target)

to get path of my .swf loaded into the gallery

in the file
  i add this line to showimage() function:

_root.[path to my custom target for the simpleviewer instance].imageArea.mcFrame.image1.loader.gotoAndPlay(2);

great! so almost there. this works, but it obviously only works for 1 (prechosen) gallery .swf.

how do i make "image1" ( imageN)  a vairable in the path based on the last button clicked?


Re: SimpleViewer Button behavior

solved (i do enjoy these monolog posts)

so  imageN is defined by

full line is:

var imageID = mCLip._name;
_root.[custom path].imageArea.mcFrame[imageID].loader.gotoAndPlay(2);

its an ugly hack, but it works.
this allows me in this example to make a gallery using simpleviewer of instanjces of the  JW media player without a mess of bad variable inheritance. 

pretty sweet!