Topic: How can I get image size

I was wondering if ( and how I can get image size) when using fixed layout
Within a set of images listed in the same xml gallery, some of the images have different widths. I would like to adjust the X setting of the caption box to always align under the right edge of the image, regardless of differing width.
This is the line of code I am looking at in the

mCaption_mc._x = Options.imageAreaWidth-100;

Using the following adjustments I have the caption aligned to the right but based on the fixed number as written in the so it does not shift with the varying width.

I have looked at the code in that realigns the arrow buttons and was hoping I could achieve something simlilar with the mCaption_mc

mBackBtn.setBtnPosn(imgx + w - 100,430);

I am a bit stuck and would really appreciate if someone might be able to point me in the right direction


Re: How can I get image size

Solved -

For anyone that is interested I have solved this issue (like a dog with a bone as only an irish setter would be !)

In the file I did 2 things

1. Comment out or remove the lines found under the line if (Options.fixedLayout){

mCaption_mc._x = Options.captionX;
mCaption_mc._y = Options.captionY;

2. then put this function at the very end of the page but above the very last curly bracket

public function setCptnPosn(x:Number,y:Number):Void{       
        mCaption_mc._x = Math.round(x);
        mCaption_mc._y = Math.round(y);

Then in the file add this line to to the function resizeImageNaviButtons within the if statement

mStageManager.setCptnPosn(imgx + w - 140,540);

Obviously change the x, y co-ordinates as you wish but now you can use the imgx and w in calculations to position your caption to the width  (and height) of your image - useful if you have different image sizes listed in the same gallery