Topic: Full Screen in AutoViewer Pro

I am a registered SimpleViewerPro and Autoviewer Pro user.  I would like to have a Full Screen Button in Autoviewer like the one in Simpleviewer.  I've already simulated the "return" button found in Simpleviewer but now I need to do the same with Autoviewer.   Other than that, both programs perform perfectly!  Thank you!

Re: Full Screen in AutoViewer Pro

I'd like that as well.

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Re: Full Screen in AutoViewer Pro

third!  i love both viewers but would love to have the option to launch autoviewer into full screen mode.  currently using simpleviewer for the mobile version of my website (and autoviewer for the main version) and the full screen option looks amazing on an ipad.  i would love to give non mobile users the same option.