Topic: Warning: Cannot find gallery path


i am using svmanager and simpleviewer 2.  I want to create my image folders outside the svmanager folder.

For example: in stead of

When i create the album, i get the following error:

Warning: Cannot find gallery path ../album/g1/ (gallery.php, line 289)

- The folder IS created and the files are copied to the right location.
-when clicking on manage galleries this message appears: Notice: cannot find gallery No. 1 folder g1

-when clicking on the gallery i want to edit i get this message: Error cannot find gallery folder g1/ (sv2gallery.php, line 178)

one thing i noticed is that when viewing all  galleries (/svmanager/) the url to the gallery of the created gallery is pointing to the wrong location /svmanager/g1 in stead of /album/g1.

Any thoughts what is wrong with my setup?

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Re: Warning: Cannot find gallery path

How about using svManager to move the g1 gallery to /album/g1? SvManager will fix all the paths for you. More on this in the user manual under customize screen.

If you prefer to do it by moving the index file instead of moving the whole gallery then please take a look in the advanced topics section of the manual under the sub-heads Relative and absolute paths and Embedding a gallery in the web site home page. There are some links to examples here.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.