Topic: Changing the alpha in thumbnail rollovers


I have 2 questions regarding thumbnails and thumbnail next.

1) How do I change the alpha for the thumbnails in the rollover and rollout state?

2) For thumbnail next button (the arrow that's on the image), I only want the functionality of viewing the next image. Where do I go to resize the 'hit state" so that it covers the entire photo?

thank you!

Re: Changing the alpha in thumbnail rollovers

Hello again,

I've noticed no replies and maybe it's because I didn't explain properly. I would like the thumbnail alpha reduced to 40% on rollover and back to 100% on its off state.

I read the post "reduce alpha on thumbnails" which was helpful. I can understand the code when reading it, I just don't know what and where the modifications.

Thanks for your help,

Re: Changing the alpha in thumbnail rollovers

to change the hit area of the main image back and next buttons, go to  around line 205


will make the whole image the hit area for next image

mBackBtn.setHitSize();  // not tested     will make no hit area for back btn

thumb alpha can be changed in, around line 127 the alpha on mcDisplayMask, sorry,  I don't have time to double ck this one, so test it.

holler if you have troubles


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