Topic: Tiltviewer Pro +Dw&Ps/Cs4 cannot see the gallery even locally

Overall-great products!   
Got the SimpleviewerPro- seems to work sofar- got several galleries made locally- not uploaded yet, we'll see...
However:- Tiltviewer Pro- I  tried to create a SIMPLIEST imaginable pg in DwCs4 from a preset- the MainContent is the "galleryspace" for Tilt.  No matter how many times I CAREFULLY copy & paste the suggested  online script into my desired location & update it to my ## (as prescribed!), I always get "Get the Flashplayer etc..." and a blank page.  I actually DID follow the link & got the suggested Flashplayer, just to be sure.  Previewed in Fox & Safari- same old message.
Just to make it hurt more-when I by mistake went the "wrong path" (a.k.a. Insert SWF to Dw directly) path- the result popped right @ me within seconds (opposite of- DAYS!!!).The gallery -looked great on my webpage, except:
-it was NOT my layout
-last but not least- they were some (cute,but-) random pix from Flicker in it.
Needless to say- I'm on the end of my (tilted) rope.  Any help would be much apprecciated

Re: Tiltviewer Pro +Dw&Ps/Cs4 cannot see the gallery even locally


do you have a URL I can take a look at?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.