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Is ther a way to integrate the existing viewer.swf in another swf ?

I explain.

When someone click on the gallery link, simpleviewer should open in the existing windows (or flash animation).

Is this possible ?


Re: viewer.swf integration in anoter swf

If you have purchased the source code for SimpleViewer and have access to Macromedia Flash Studio, you can create a new symbol as a movie, then drag and drop all the symbols from the SV .swf into the library of the new symbol.  When combined, you drag the movie into the stage, and align where you want it.  This should allow you to have it embedded in another swf.

This again, of course, only works if you have purchased the SV source and have access to Flash Studio.

Re: viewer.swf integration in anoter swf

You can load the viewer.swf into another flash movie via the loadMovie command.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: viewer.swf integration in anoter swf

mr. felix, or someone else of expertise,

could you expand on the idea of using "loadMovie" to get the swf? one reason i stumbled upon and was elated to find simpleviewer was my own difficulty getting flash to load my images.

i'm not clear on the syntax for getting that to work correctly. what i've done that hasn't worked:

frame a has a link to frame b, the first in my "detroit" gallery
frame b is the only frame of my "detroit" gallery
frame b has this action: loadMovie, target: "detroitviewer"

detroitviewer is a movie clip that is the full size of my main movie, and contains nothing.

i can barely get it to work with images- they never show up where i want. it seems, right now, a stretch to get another .swf playing properly.

Re: viewer.swf integration in anoter swf

I've tried the "loadmovie" command as follows:


into a layer.... and it doesn't show up.  when i test the movie, the output says, "Error opening URL"

any suggestions??

I am using the gallery to make a clothing store gallery.

What's there is currently not the simpleviewer.  However, as you can imagine, I'm going to have tons of lil folders with the viewer.swf....  and i want to be able to load and unload them easily.

Re: viewer.swf integration in anoter swf

you will be loading mutiple galleries in a base.swf ( a container swf)

Start by looking at the code in examples> FlashEmbed>multiple_galleries.fla

You need to load viewer.swf into a movie clip in your base .swf.

will be something like

function loadGallery(galName){
    _root.xmlDataPath = galName; 

then each btn will have code similar to this

wheelsBtn_mc.onRelease = function(){

look at the docs and the code in the multiplegalleries. fla


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