Topic: how to creat more than 1 html file?

Hi I want put the auto viewer in my website where I have more than one gallery , so I have to put more than one html, I changed the html from index.html to Dantas.html and i put the file names in de hmtl using the dreamworks, but how can I do for multiples galleries ? I need more and how can I create more html file.

sample: i need  dantas.html , paula.html , paul.html

Can anyone help-me ?

Thanks since now

Re: how to creat more than 1 html file?

Just create separate gallery files:

gallery1.xml for Dantas
gallery2.xml for Paula
gallery3.xml for Paul

and then use different names of the gallery xml's in your html files by uncommenting fo.addVariable("xmlURL", line and placing the proper xml file there.