Topic: Remove caption link after it is already there.

I have a site with a bunch of galleries managed by svManager. After the client has uploaded hundreds of photos with captions we must now change it so that the captions do not link to the image. I can see that the linking is done by html inside the gallery.xml file, and this seems to be controlled by the option DEFAULT_ADD_LINKS in a file called constants.php

I have changed it so it says define('DEFAULT_ADD_LINKS', false);

- Will this stop links being added in future?

Now, how can I get all those links out of the current galleries? I tried clicking "rebuild" after changing the DEFAULT_ADD_LINKS constant, but it didnt work. Is there anyway to do this in svManager?

Re: Remove caption link after it is already there.

This sounds like a rather old version of svManager. Since version 1.10, there is a check box in the customize screen to turn the caption links on and off.

So could be time for an upgrade. The latest version of svManager is orientated towards SimpleViewer 2 galleries and also supports AutoViewer, PostcardViewer and TiltViewer but it will handle the earlier SimpleViewer 1.9 galleries if that's what you have.

If you really are on a version older than 1.10 then it's quite a big single step to the current 1.67. There shouldn't be any problems but back-up your existing galleries first.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.