Topic: Background image fill proportions

For some reason when using background images the image gets out of proportion.
It seems it is stretched vertically.

For example: … index.html

and the bg image is: … bum_bg.jpg

Does not seem im proportion to me :)

Re: Background image fill proportions

By default the background image stretches to fill the browser window. Alternatively you can set the 'backgroundScale ' option to FILL or NONE: … .html#back

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: Background image fill proportions

Yes but when using FILL, it gets out of proportions. It looks like the background image get size to a square image and then it get's filled according to the browser.

The ideal FILL would be like they are doing on

It uses a resize handler on the stage.
Then it first calculates the scaling for the background to get fullscreen for the width and the height. Then it checks which scale is the highest. Then it scales the background to the highest scale and repositions it.

The FILL property seems to do something similar. But the image height is getting too big.