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I didn´t find the answer by reading the other posts. Maybe I´m just not smart-2.0 enough. I want to use a transparent background for my PostcardViewer-Pro. But how?

That´s where the galerie is located.

I´d be grateful for a simple answer...

Great gallery by the way! Luv it! Thx

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I used the instructions of

by deleting the
background-color: #123456
and doing this:

If you want to use a background image, the only way I could figure it out was to do it like this.

In the index.html file, add the following line right before "fo.write("flashcontent");"

fo.addParam("wmode", "transparent");

This will set the flash background to transparent.

everything worked after clearing my cache.

Thanks to jjeffrey


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Re: Background transparency

But strange enough it doesn´t work for Internet Explorer... weird. I see a white background. Halp!

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The issue is that you are using an iframe, in IE the background of the embedded page will show through. I would suggest embedding it normally without an iframe.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.