Topic: Editing Top and Bottom Border Height

I've searched the forum but can't find anything pertaining to my issue. I was wondering how to adjust the top and bottom border height around a gallery. It seems that when I change the rows/columns, the border size will change with it so I'm trying to see how to set the height on both.

Here's one of the pages I'm having an issue with, as you can see the top and bottom height needs to be adjusted.

Thanks for the help.

Re: Editing Top and Bottom Border Height

I'm moving your post to SimpleViewer 2 Standard section as that is what you are using.

There is not a lot you can do with the standard version options, but with the pro version options you can do the following.

I have extra spacing in my gallery. How do I get rid of it?

   1. First set the background color of the Gallery to be different than the embedding HTML page. This will show if the extra space is in the SimpleViewer SWF or in the HTML page. If the extra spacing is outside the SWF you need to edit your HTML and/or CSS to reduce spacing.
   2. Check for invisible gallery elements. If you are not using the Caption or Title, make sure captionPosition and/or titlePosition are set to NONE. Use the titleBackColor, titleBackOpacity, captionBackColor, and captionBackOpacity options to make these elements visible.
   3. Make sure your Main Image is filling the Image Area by reducing maxImageHeight and maxImageWidth or increasing the actual image JPG size. Use the imageBackColor, and imageBackOpacity options to make the Image Area visible.
   4. Reduce the stageBorder, stageVPadding and/or stageHPadding options.
   5. Reduce the size of the SWF so that the gallery fills the SWF. … guide.html

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.