Topic: Remembering sort order

Under the Sort Screen section of the support page, it claims "Your sort order will be remembered until you change it again."

But it doesn't -- drag n' drop is always the default.  Anything I can edit to have it remember that I always want an A-Z sort?

Thank you!

Re: Remembering sort order

Strange – it should be remembered.

Could you do a little investigation? The sort order is saved in a file called preferences.txt inside the gallery folder. The file format is a bit obscure (a serialized php object). Here's an example for a Z...a (reverse alpha) sort with the relevant section in bold:

a:4:{s:9:"sortOrder";s:6:"ralpha";s:15:"backgroundColor";s:8:"0x181818";s:8:"addLinks";b:0;s:9:"htmlTitle";s:24:"New SimpleViewer Gallery";}

Could you take a look at this file and see if it's changing when you change the sort order?


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.