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Just getting started using svManager and svPro. After uploading svManager and changing login name and password, tried creating gallery, and get kicked back to login page. After logging in again, an empty gallery is there, but clicking on anything like "edit" results in getting kicked back to the login page.

Ran the server test and passed.

Checked all permissions.

Any ideas why?

Re: Getting Kicked back to Login page

Are you getting any error messages?

If no error messages try debug mode. Edit the file svmanager/includes/constants.php and locate the following line right near the top of the file:

define('DEBUG', false);

Change this to:

define('DEBUG', true);

Post any error messages here in the forum and we'll try to work out what's happening.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: Getting Kicked back to Login page

Not getting any error messages at all.

Changed to debug mode. No change at all in the erratic behavior.

Here is a short screencast of the behavior:

Re: Getting Kicked back to Login page

Jack, do you think the way my hosting company structures their websites could be messing things up?

The content files of my websites do not reside in the root of the folder with the domain name. The setup they use looks something like this:
                        index.html (website content files)

Re: Getting Kicked back to Login page

This issue is resolved. Thanks, Jack.

RackspaceCloud (my server company) said it was an issue with the way they were handling sessions and that they would have it resolved system wide within the hour.

As a workaround for an immediate fix, and as a alternative, tech support created a sessions folder within the domain, and in an htaccess file wrote a line of code (php_value session.save_path) that pointed to that sessions folder. He said I can keep an eye on that folder and clear it out over time as needed.

This fixed the problem, and no more kickbacks to the login page.