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For some reason I'm unable to log into the forum on my system.  Was apparently able to set up an account, (got e-mail reply.. set password...etc.) But when I go to log in I get an error message re: a "Security Token", and just flips back.  I don't get a bad username/password msg.  So am able to set up this account and log in at my gym, where I am now... obviously some setting on my system the forum server dosen't like.
1. XP Pro / Firefox (latest ver.)
2. Tried IE... same thing happens
No problems with any other forums or sites that I've found yet.. just this one.

Any suggestions ???

Re: Logginto this Forum

The Security Token error happens from time to time there should be a button to retry or continue beneath the message. If that does not work clear your browser's cache and retry.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Logginto this Forum

Already did all that.  Back at the gym now.  Funny, too  when I set up the account (on my office system), got the same security token message.. hit the 'continue' button, and it let me in to resister.  Then I opened the link in thye e-mail.. set the password, and the rest we know.  Tried logging in with my real name/password here at the gym, too; and the forum won't take it at all.  I know it's correct, but still tried several variations...