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Topic: autoviwer-pro

However, I really have an issue with the way captions are handled in AutoViewer.  I sure found a way to position them bottom left and remove picture counts, but font shading or colors help very little to make them readable.

It looks like some of your competitors such as slideshowpro.net and smoothgallery.jondesign.net have found a way to address this issue, so before I decide to move to one of them, I thought I would first address my issue to you guys.

According to this forum, I am not the only one addressing this issue, so it would be great if you guys could help with a better reply than "hire a developper"...

Re: autoviwer-pro

With AutoViewer Pro you have access to the FLA and ActionScript files, so you can move the captions to where ever you would like them.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.