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In AutoViewer - I know this has been repeatedly requested but I'm not sure its been correctly answered.

I want to be able to move my next/back buttons vertically. I can move them horizontally but not vertical.

I'm not a coder so simply saying adjust the isn't going to help. There's a post by 'braaad' which discussed changing the code I cut and pasted the code hoping once I got my head around the variables & AS I could figure out how to get it to work. When I published the swf I got and error.

I've tried moving the symbol in the flash file!!


Re: Buttons

The only way to change it is through

mBackBtn.setBtnPosn(Math.round(Options.controlsHPadding + mBackBtn.width/2),Math.round(h/2));
mNextBtn.setBtnPosn(Math.round(w - mNextBtn.width/2 - Options.controlsHPadding),Math.round(h /2));

Basicaly what you are seeing is mBackBtn.setBtnPosn(); and mNextBtn.setBtnPosn(x,y); So to change their position vertically you need to change Math.round(h/2), h/2 will place the arrow in the center of the image vertically. Adjust the height by changing it to h/2+somenumber or h/2-somenumber and then republishing the swf.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.