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I'm trying to connect my flickr gallery but it's giving me the above error message.  Any thoughts?  I followed the directions and I also have my images as public.

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Also, the uploads directory has been set to 755.  I noticed in the code, that there's this line.

However, I cannot find the xml file.

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I got the same error until i changed the permissions of the uploads directory to 777.  Now it's giving me an error on my flickr username not being found, but I can at least find the xml files for the galleries in the uploads folder.

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Re: Flickr Gallery XML not Found

Fixed:  simple username issue.

Test post of Flickr gallery:

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Thanks Schaeffer but it still isn't working.

I just upgraded to 3.0.1 to see if that would help and I re-installed the plugin.  I also deleted the uploads folder and recreated it with 777 permissions.  When I delete the uploads folder, I see the error saying that it can't find the folder.  I create a new folder and I still get the XML Not Found error.  When I go to the uploads folder, there is not xml file. 

Any other ideas?  Thanks.