Topic: Open modal window via hyperlink in caption

I'm using SimpleViewer Pro and I would like to open a modal window by clicking on a hyperlink in the caption text.
Do you know a way to realize this?
(I've not decided yet which software to use for the modal window but as it will contain an html page, I will probably use greybox or shadowbox)

Re: Open modal window via hyperlink in caption


you can call any JavaScript function from a caption link by using this syntax in the gallery.xml file:

<image imageURL="images/1.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/1.jpg">
<caption><![CDATA[<a href="javascript:onAlert()"><u>Click here to call JavaScript function</a></u>.]]></caption>

Then add a JavaScript function to the HTML page that embeds the SimpleViewer gallery like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
  function onAlert(){

In this way you should be able to connect a caption link to a LightBox popup.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.